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Top 10 Upcoming Online Multiplayer Games for Android/iOS 2018

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Years ago, we said hello to the very first smartphone, which later on transcended into the iPhone. Ever since then, the world of mobile gaming has come a very long way. In fact, millions of Android and iOS games have been released. These games have become a great escape from boredom and have pulled in large audiences and generated a high amount of interest. With a combination of exciting new game features and an abundance of excitement to offer, here are the top 10 upcoming Android and iOS games for 2018:

  1. Metal Fist

Metal Fist 1

There is definitely something fresh and exciting about Metal Fist. Everything from the intense arena fighting to the crazy weapons and
wacky characters will keep you occupied in the best way. This upcoming Android game will throw you into fast-paced combat action that perfectly fits the mobile experience. You will be able to fight for domination in a variety of gameplay modes. There are also hundreds of items to collect and abilities to discover. The multiplayer game mode is highly engaging and will ensure that you enjoy the game even more.

  1. DC Unchained

DC Unchained 1

This free-to-play mobile brawler does not only include player-versus-player battles but also cooperative gameplay. Showcasing a combination of characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder woman, the game requires its players to form teams of three heroes and villains to take on level after level of henchmen. There is nothing better than taking a trip back to memory lane because this DC-themed brawler will put you right in the center of the action with all your favorite characters. This upcoming FTP mobile brawler game is as exciting and grindy as ever.

  1. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert 1

Almost ready for a debut in 2018, Black Desert Mobile is a unique RPG combat game that lightly mimics fighting games. It has a heavy focus on combat and an enviable skill system that is yet to be showcased in other fighting games. As a player, you will be able to take up fishing, craft tools, gather other resource and even participate in various trading ventures. Attempting to stand out from other similar games, Black Desert has incredible graphics that match those of a variety of PC games and mobile-friendly combat. This fast-paced, action-packed gameplay will leave you begging for more.

  1. Payday Crime War

Pay Day Crime War 1

Take part in a spectacular fire exchange and great robberies! If you like teamwork then this game will fit like a glove. As a multiplayer online game, Payday Crime War will let you work in teams and partake in different gang fights. It does not matter whether you want to be in Biker and Yakuza gangs or even the Italian mafia as there are no limits to how far you can wage your war. Gather your own special weapons and defend your gang from the enemy to become the most dominant gang. This is one of the best Android games that are yet to be unveiled.

  1. Paladin Strike

Paladin Strike 1

This is a special multiplayer game that has found its way to your Android and iOS. Inspired by PC games such as Paladin: Champions of the Realm, Paladin Strike offers an unforgettable combat experience. The smashing game takes you to the euphoric world of Paladin and lets you save the world in a number of 5v5 battle arenas. The more you play, the more intense it will get. You have to guide your team to victory by capturing the enemy and summoning Juggernaut to the tower. The game has a variety of free to play elements that will ensure you enjoy your experience in amazing ways. Despite the fact that Paladin Strike is still a greenhorn in the gaming pit, it has proven that it is one to contend with.

  1. Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4

Although many multiplayer fighting games have gotten a raw deal on mobile phones, Street Fighter is a series that has received the
much-needed player-appreciation. Regarded as the fighting game of all time, the newly released Street Fighter IV has brought with it much more oomph and excitement than all of its predecessors combined. Focused more on leveling up characters rather than the use of skill to win, this free-to-play game will honor all its players with the best fighting moments of all time. As a new entry into the franchise, expect Street Fighter IV to push the limits as far as multiplayer gaming is concerned.

  1. Tekken Mobile

Tekken Mobile 1

Since the original release of Tekken in 1994, there has been a dozen incarnations and reincarnations of the game. In fact, it has been regarded as a benchmark of the 3D fighting game genre. Now making its way amongst the best upcoming 2018 games, Tekken Mobile has proven that it is more than just about chaining punches and kicks together. Instead, it offers one of a kind multiplayer experience and also comes with an option to take on a human opponent via Bluetooth. Posing as a challenge of stamina and dexterity, Players will join Panda, Kazuya, Nina, and other famous fighters to engage in sensational fights. Apart from this, Tekken Mobile also comes with tricky combos and a myriad of options.

  1. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends 1

Set to be released on March 22nd, Shadowgun Legends will have you facing other players through hundreds of quests and missions. Players are the last hope of humanity’s hope for survival. As such, they will interact with a variety of weapons and enjoy great visuals. You cannot let human beings fall into the brink of extinction or get killed by an alien in Shadowgun. The game makes you a glorified legend who has the power to loot distant planets, craft equipment, and rage attacks. The adrenaline-pumping battles and unforgettable scenarios are incomparable to any other Android or iOS game out there. The world may be large and persistent but you have to save

  1. Durango

Durango 1

This upcoming 2018 multiplayer game will thrust you into a pre-historic age by a time warp. Thereafter, you will be required to survive in one of the harshest environments. Durango is a deadly world that is filled with dinosaurs and all kinds of dangerous creatures. You simply have to be one of the smartest and strongest human beings to make it out alive here. Centered on a derailed 2.5D world, Durango has brilliant mechanics that stretch beyond the typical mobile game. You are free to explore, search for weapons, meals, clothing and build towns from the ground up.

  1. BrawlStars

Brawl Stars 1

This is another superb multiplayer game from Supercell that cannot seem to do any wrong. The three-on-three online shooter Brawl Stars will surpass your expectations of an ordinary mobile game. Securing the number one position on this list, it presents a fresh’ concept and pacier action. The combat style may be simple but it is faster and much more thrilling. You may be able to face off against the broad number of individual characters as well as other human players. As a team-based top-down shooter game, Brawl Stars features a cast of 15 heroes who shoot it out in a variety of competitive multiplayer matches. You can loot boxes, upgrade weapons, change skins and take over this combative world in any way you please.


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