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Call of War – WW2 Strategy Game

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Lead Your Nation

Call of War World War 2 Strategy is an Android game that will have you leading your nation through the age of World War 2. Being a cold war, you can be certain that you will encounter numerous nuclear weapons and missiles. If an intense battle is your cup of tea, you will appreciate everything that this game has to offer. The tactical free strategy is flawless and as a player, you need to consult your smarts in order to forge ahead. Set in North America and Europe, you will lead a nation, acquire a territory and amuse a powerful array using trade. To emerge victoriously you have to put your best foot forward. It does not matter whether you are playing Call of War- World War 2 Strategy Game For PC or enjoying the game on your Android phone, you will appreciate the powerful position that you will automatically be trust into.

Take Charge

The main premise of the game involves gathering all essential resources that will come in handy during your fights, build and upgrade buildings and, produce the best variety of units. You will be required to expand your territory across Europe and North America. As this is World War 2, you will need to control your own country and all the provinces that come with it. Call of War- World 2 Strategy is broken up into individual worlds which can comfortably accommodate enough players. The main aim of the game is for you to accumulate the required number of points and at the end the game, victory will be yours!

Gather All Resources

Each and every nation runs on its own resources and needle is to say, the nations on Call of War are no different. You will have to gather resources such as food, goods, oil, money, power and other key resources. As such, you will want to conquer these territories for you to get your hands on these valuable resources.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Resource management is not the only task that you have. In addition to this, you have to be mindful of managing your time. It does
not matter whether you are upgrading buildings or spying on other military units, all actions will be completed in certain time slots. Even moving across the map can take a number of days and this is no different for researching new conquering technologies. Be hands-on and involved with your nations. When you play Call of War- World War 2 Strategy Game for PC, you also have to be a good manager of time and resources.

Spy, Spy, Spy!

Spying and/or espionage is one of the most important aspects of this game. This will allow you to hinder attacks that may be coming your way. Spying also gathers information such as the locations of the enemies and disrupts resource production. There is nothing better than being ahead of those who may be plotting against you.

Call of War- World War 2 Strategy is no a game for the faint of heart. It is a real strategy game that will keep you on your toes in the best of ways. It is intense, exciting, fresh and captivating. Its strong and strategic elements are incomparable.


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